About the Client

Location India

Industry Printing & Media

The client is a known print media agency with thousands of customers & agents in a widespread area of the metropolitan. Agency of the client is providing a range of printing services including offset printing, card printing, brochure, and other graphics work. Therefore, managing a big number of printing service orders through manual and paperwork becomes a tedious job.

Services we offered

  • web application development
  • intranet software development

The Challenge

The client wants to set all routine works on the computer and digitalized workflow through an online website and mobile applications accessible to every customer and agent from anywhere and at any time. Through an online application, the client wanted to streamline all printing jobs and to manage batch processing with required automation.

We requested the client to help us to understand the entire workflow, core, functions, and relationships between the key entities participated across the networks. After thorough analysis, we have segregated requirements in following sections:


The client wants excellent user experiences by providing a feature-rich front end.

User management module required for online registration for the sake of security of user data and personalization to enhance user experiences.

A separate branch portal for easy management of branches and agents affiliated with the business.

A job management module to for batch processing of the printing jobs.

Agent registration module to allow new agents in the system.


An order management modules to receive and tracking orders at front-end as well as a back-end to process orders in a queue.

A shipping module to display shipping status in real-time for an order with the mode of delivery and expected delivery time/date.

Request a quote module to know the price of a printing job by uploading files and filling the form to cite exact requirements for printing.

A payment module to provide payment method options and integration of payment gateways.

Rich back-end dashboard for reports with visuals like graphs, charts, and tables.

Project Scope

The project lifecycle included system analysis, requirements specifications design, application development, web design, system testing, and constant change requests handling.


We analyzed the entirely new concept, understand each aspect of the system, its workflow, all the core functions, and relationships between each key entities being participated across the networks.

Project Planning

Based on findings in research and analysis, we have prepared project development plans accordingly.

Project Architecture

Web architectures at Perception System have defined the entire web application architecture with navigation, modules, and data interactions within and external systems.

Wireframe & Prototypes

Based on web design and development plans as well as architecture, our web application designers have prepared wireframes and prototypes citing all possible workflow diagrams, navigation, and data flows. We have an explicit product design of interfaces for agents and their requirements. Finally, we have handover the interactive prototypes of MAMAJI web application to the client for final approval.

Designing & Programming

After getting final approval from the client for prototypes, we have started final designing of the interface, UI elements, and various modules with required coding for interactions and integrations. We tested the modules on each stage and completion of each milestone.


After successful testing in the lab, we have deployed the web application on the hosting server and attended queries, bugs, and complaints made by the client-side team as well as end-users of the system for a set period.active prototypes of MAMAJI web application to the client for final approval.



The journey toward end-to-end solutions was full of challenges. However, our dedication towards the web app goals led us to deliver the solution successfully, as well as within time & budget.

Requirement Gathering

We have analyzed the unique needs of the client and expectations thoroughly.


Several online communication had done via Emails at both on Perception System and the client’s side to streamline the project flow.


We started creating a web system for the agent-dashboard for analytic charts and statistics as well as design and graphics work.


We have built several versions of the applications and deployed those constantly to enhance functionality. We paid special attention to the system performance and stability due to a large number of the user base in programming the application modules.


Considering the large numbers of inputs fields and odd user data, we have created data entry forms with special care to ease the job for non-tech-savvy users to drive it swiftly and accurately using the advanced practices.

Back-end Development

We developed a backend system to slash administration associated with the online application by providing a smart admin panel.


Security was a prime issue as well, for the highly sensitive and private data over the Web. Our web development team had to ensure that the safety and security of the information system.

Support & Maintenance

We have committed long-term support and maintenance with a feasible plan sign up by the client.

We Used

  • Laravel 5.4

    Laravel 5.4

  • Ajax


  • HTML5


  • JQuery


  • MySQL



Milestones & Deliverables

We have reached the milestones and deliverables with multiple actions, transition, synchronization and sub-process management.


We have delivered system after successful testings and deployed on hosting server. The client has registered flow of 3,000+ active agents in the business on the application.


The client-side team was satisfied with the performance of application and growth of business after the deployment within a short period.

Value Delivered


“Working with Perception Systems was a professional bliss, great work under budget and reasonable execution timeframes, my current go-to for python-web development solutions!”

Luis R. Soenksen,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Striking Features

Group 16 Copy

Users Management


Separate Branch Portal

Configure Product

Orders Management

Job Management

Job Management

Delivery Management

Order Delivery Management

Invite Friends

Register as a New Agent


Request a Quote


Payment Management

projects copy

Process Data Reports

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