About the Client

Location USA

Industry Generic

The client was USA based and was looking for a software development company to create a robust enterprise level ERP web application. The aim was to create software that completely controls overall business processes and operations.

Services we offered

  • web application development
  • dedicated team

The Challenge

The client was in search of a dedicated web development company to create a generic ERP application solution for workflow management and eDiscovery needs among diverse industry segments. The client wants the proposed web system befitting itself in any segment of distinguishing workflow establishments as per their needs for routine business processes and goals achievements along with the maximum productivity. The main purpose was to provide complete control of the internal processes serving the customers of the business. The system must provide complete access to current visuals, work specifications, flow & stages and active involvement of users at each stage of various case studies during the entire web development project.


The need for ERP web application development aroused to alleviate bottlenecks come into the way of project management.

The targeted diverse industry segments were government sectors, corporates, law firms, security agencies, and service providers.

In these industries changes in workflow, patterns were rampant. So, concession over creating a generic platform was a big challenge.

We have decided that the targeted industries should follow EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model) for their workflow management.


We have selected a right platform (for technology stacks) to reduce workload and minimized chances of failures or iteration.

Our technical experts have checked the elevation view of project volume.

We had determined the complexity involved in the project

After having detail research, we decided to choose Yii framework as the backbone to script execution.

Project Scope

The client has selected Perception System as its web development partner considering it as an unmatched team of web developers with a successful portfolio. We had set up a series of conferences with the client-side team and try to understand existing workflows of their targeted businesses for the system.


We had applied standard research and analysis strategies and methodologies to know the exact requirements and formulated development strategy accordingly.


The Kiosk development project was specially designed for dental care niche using American 3rd party ‘Kiox’ hardware. Therefore, we have analyzed hardware, operating system, and software integration & compatibility.

Project Planning

We have planned the inclusion of features and functionality targeting interests of doctors as well as patients. We also have considered opportunities to include other dental clinics to provide location-based services and generate ads revenue.

Project architecture

Perception System has defined the hardware and software architecture of the system for kiosks.

Wireframe & Prototypes

We have prepared wireframes, and interactive prototypes to fix the inclusion of features and functionality as well as get approval from the client.

Designing & Programming

Perception System based on approval of prototypes has prepared the final designs for a rich and interactive interface for the kiosk and accomplished the software system programming accordingly to hit the goals of the project.


After successful testing, We handed over the system to the client and deployed on their server as per instructions.



Our Journey towards Is-A-Task was full of the maze and with enough complications to deal with in the development process

System Analysis

We evaluated root needs and dependencies, identified the segments which can be automated to human efforts


We divided a whole system in the sprint of work, containing tasks, sub-modules, modules for project deliverables.

Selection of the Platform

We checked the elevation view of project volume, its complexity and based on all we decided to choose Yii framework as the backbone to script execution.

Breakdown the System

We identified the break-down of different segments (major process and life-cycles at its code) and prepared the sprint execution pattern accordingly.

The Major Heads

Strategic goals, legacy systems and the detection of technical debt

Organizational and architectural methods for evolving a successful platform.

Support & Maintenance

After successful delivery of the project, we signed a maintenance contract to keep the things rolling smoothly and deliver seamless customer satisfaction.

We Used

  • yii

    Yii 2.x

  • html5


  • ajax


  • jquery


  • mysql



Milestones & Deliverables

We worked hard on IS-A-Task ERP application development. We have decided milestones and deliverables and followed all religiously to have Simpler business management with enhanced customer satisfaction.


Today, a number of government agencies and corporate sectors are using it and managing their workflows & task automation. For instance, Cox Communications, US Securities, and Exchange Commission.


The Is-A-Task system has streamlined the workflow, helping working communications perform better and more efficiently. We signed a contract for the support and maintenance.

Value Delivered


“Working with Perception Systems was a professional bliss, great work under budget and reasonable execution timeframes, my current go-to for python-web development solutions!”

Luis R. Soenksen,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Striking Features


Saves Time & Reduces Cost


Centralizes Project Administration

Scalability & Security

Scalability and Security


Concentrates Project Scope Details

Staff Augmentation Service

Integrates Teams

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Solid Reporting Features

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