About the Client

Location Saudi Arabia

Industry Electrical Engineering

GCC Electrical Testing Laboratory is a world class Electrical Product Testing and Services Hub in the GCC and MENA region, Independent authority for testing and certificating High-Voltage, Medium-Voltage and Low-Voltage electrical equipment, Act as a third party for failure investigations and arbitration, provide Low Voltage calibration services for electrical equipment and testing tools and certification courses for engineers and technicians.

A list of routine tests as performed by this company is as –

Color (ASTM D1400)

Water content KF (ASTM D1533, IEC 60814)

Dissolved Gas Analysis (IEC 60567 HS)

Breakdown Voltage (ASTM D877)

Power Factor @ 25 °C and 100 °C, 60 Hz (ASTM D924)

Interfacial Surface Tension (ISFT) (ASTM D971)

Neutralization Number / Acidity (IEC 62021-1

Services we offered

  • Enterprise web applications
  • Intranet based software

The Challenge

The client was looking for a web-based software development organization that can understand their routine operations, the pain points they have and offer a solution (web system) to overcome all the difficulties and incompleteness as exists in their existing legacy-based system.

Trustworthy IT Partner

Our client’s key concern was to have a trustful reliable IT partner with a long-term relation.

Industry Expertise

They were in search of experts who have developed solutions with similar features and industry.

Technical Expertise

We faced many technical challenges during the development, but the Vital Challenge for us was to design & develop the most complex module “Test Report Generating & Exporting”, which required understanding the properties of every test, their test elements and respective attributes, and generating reports. The generated report could have certain test elements to generate comparative charts to analyze it in a better way. Alongside, we have also a challenge of migrating their existing inquiries, equipment, tests, test elements and reports to the newer system and putting in the facility of import utility so in future as well they can do similar tasks easily. Our client found us as a Perfect IT Partner to achieve their Goal. And thus the Journey has begun.

On-going Support & Maintenance

Our client expected us to provide continuous long-term development support for their solution to manage their data assets and web integrity.

Project Scope

Perception System had a couple of discussion sessions with the client to understand the concept and expectations of the client’s exact needs. Our key priority was to understand the pain area of the client’s existing system and workflow which needs a higher attention and a devise-ful analysis. Perception System employed the best of their resources, especially the analysis and technical team to get their business requirements on paper in an optimized and effective form. Perception System team leveraged an iterative method to get feedback early and designed user-flow diagrams, sketches and wireframes before moving to high-fidelity design and prototypes.

The main scope of the Project was divided into the milestones as below:

Performing System Analysis

We allocated our top Business Analysts to analyze the client’s requirements. In the beginning, the software development team has analyzed the concept of hypothetically. Afterward, we have closely inspected the entire process and defined user stories.

Creating Project Plan

Based on our findings, we created flow diagrams for the entire workflow and planned the project development process by defining technical implementations.

Creating System Architecture

The Perception System defined the entire web system architecture with navigation, modules, and data interactions with the backend system.

Creating Wireframe & Prototypes

After several attempts and meetings with the client-side team, our web system designers have prepared wireframes and prototypes citing all possible workflow diagrams, navigation, and data flows.

Creating UI & Database Design

We’ve created the most user-friendly UI design for the web system. For this, we have a thorough study of the – user-focused UI and UX design research, establish design patterns for UI and UX design consistency, and consistent actions in application.

Creating User Stories & Test Cases

We’ve created user stories & test cases of each functionality of the system, so that the system can be precisely developed and tested well.

Developing Web App

We’ve developed the entire system including data migration of their existing data assets residing in the existing legacy system. Further to this, we also put the export/import utility in the system so later when they want to import the data from the externally collected data to the new system then they can do it easily. Also, can export the data for forwarding it to any other ecosystem they might have.

Performing QA/QC

We’ve performed end to end QA/Testing of the entire system with the test cases that we developed using all the standard QA methodologies & tools.

Deploying & Delivering the Final System to Client

We’ve been provided a pre-configured MS Azure hosting environment where we did an initial level of business configurations and started deploying it via GIT pushing. As a best practice, we put the provision of the back-up server and staging environment to accommodate any requested updates on the staging environment before confirming it to go live.

Providing Support & Maintenance

We committed to long-term support and maintenance with a feasible plan signed by the client creating a healthy development partnership. So till the time, we’ve been providing all the kind support that is required to maintain the system for the live users that includes fixing issues and developing new features based on the client’s request.



The Team at Perception took the challenge and created 10 sprints and worked closely with the key IT personnel in the GCC team to better deliver a solution on time.

We built the entire GCC web system including data migration and several other utilities in a span of 10 weeks with all requirements using the latest and stable technology stack/frameworks at that time.

Agile Scrum

We followed the Agile Scrum methodology to develop the app. We listed features as tasks backlogs and started working in an iterative & incremental delivery model.

Development Methodology

We adopted a test driven design and development approach to result in a high-quality web system as a final product.


We built using the combination of PHP (Laravel), HTML5/JS/CSS3, My SQL & MS AZURE.

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

We have adopted BDD approaches to bring collaboration between client-side teams across the various branches and development teams along with seamless communications.


We broke down the entire development process using WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) methodologies to address almost all requirements of client-organization.

We Used

We used the cutting-edge Development Technologies to deliver interactive and dynamic web app experiences.

  • PHP


  • Laravel


  • HTML5


  • CSS3


  • JavaScript


  • Bootstrap


  • My SQL

    My SQL

  • MS Azure

    MS Azure


Milestones & Deliverables

The milestones were uncertain initially because to transfer from legacy system to a professional solution took a time of initial deliveries to define the exact timeline for us.


Concurrent seatings for the knowledge transfer while development helped us to deliver the solution as per client’s expectation and on time.


A new solution has overcome all the existing pain points as the clients have and given them an assured and an efficient work desk for their daily routines and management consoles.

Value Delivered


“Working with Perception Systems was a professional bliss, great work under budget and reasonable execution timeframes, my current go-to for python-web development solutions!”

Luis R. Soenksen,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Striking Features

Invite Friends

Create Customer Base


Global Configurations


Manage Equipment


Dynamic Tests & Test Elements

projects copy

Inquiries Management

projects copy 2

Consultant Approval

Resume Builder Copy

Interactive Test Reports


Comparative Charts

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