About the Client

Location Saudi Arabia

Industry Travel & Tourism

The client was looking for a team of seasoned web developers. The expectations were to create an attractive, engaging, interactive, and informative website. Thus, it can guide Hajj Pilgrims in comprehensive ways in their pilgrimage voyage right from commencement to termination phases.

Services we offered

  • web portal development
  • web design

The Challenge

Visual presentation with drag-n-drop facilities for a vast physical site (Ground) and arrangements of beds within myriads of tents was a big challenge for us.

A vast pool of pilgrims is commuting within a definite period. Creating the sitting plans using the drag-n-drop tools & interface was nothing but sailing against the tide for us!

Apart from visual design challenges, we have to design as well as programming a complex back-end and front-end for multiple users including contributing companies, service providers, various Hajj Councils, and government & non-government bodies for Pilgrims across the globe.

Project Scope

Research & Analysis

We applied the latest research and statistical methods to find, analysis, and reporting the client-side requirements. We have concluded that the client wants a visual solution for

Need to handover the arrangements of beds in the tents in the hands of coordinators (Hajjco) in an open ground where pilgrims have to spend nights.

Need to handover the preparation of a schedule for commuting vehicles (Buses) running in between holy sites, and all with custom arrangements for seats in the hands of coordinators.


We created Project Plan and defined Milestones & Deliverables, according to the scope of work.


Our web architects have defined the components, navigation, and visual interfaces with the integration of the latest tools and technologies.


As per the plan, we needed to develop the Mutahed website that provides information to visitors related to Hajj.


To ensure that the entered data is 100% correct, the application required the Testing & Data Accuracy feature. It is for the entire recorded data and the provision for entire data repository re-checked and the information re-matched.

Support & Maintenance

The role of Perception System was not ending with web designing and web application development but extended throughout the software lifecycle including supports and maintenance. It was one of the commitments to the client.



Our Journey was challenging enough. However, our dedicated designers and developers led us to hit our defined goals with the following functionality.

Visual Solution for Tents

We have provided a graphical as well as a manual solution for website admin. Thus the admin can drag & drop beds into tents as per tent availability.

Visual Solution for Beds

We have provided a graphical as well as a manual solution for website admin. Thus the admin can drag & drop seats into buses.

Multi-user Registration

The website also needed multiple user registration and login features. For instance, for Hajj companies, Service Provider companies, Hajj Councils and Pilgrims.

End-user Functionality

At front-end, Pilgrims can search Hajj companies and see information about Hajj Company, as well as book specific Hajj Company.

We Used

  • PHP


  • CakePHP


  • Ajax


  • JQuery


  • MySQL


  • JavaScript



Milestones & Deliverables

We have divided projects into milestones. We have received payment accordingly from the client.


We had successfully developed a website.

System Summary:

More than 200 Hajjco users

More than 1,000 pilgrim users


We have delivered the system successfully to the client and provided a satisfactory level of maintenance & support services throughout the web software lifecycle.

Value Delivered


“Working with Perception Systems was a professional bliss, great work under budget and reasonable execution timeframes, my current go-to for python-web development solutions!”

Luis R. Soenksen,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Striking Features


Responsive Web Design

Control Panel

Individual Control Panel


Support for Multiple Users

Group 5

Extra Tasks

SMS Support

SMS Support



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