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Cloud Consulting Services – We offer

Perception System is an AWS Select Tier Consulting Partner and delivers cutting-edge solutions that align with your business assessment and planning with AWS services establishment & support afterward.

We manage all types of requirements as sighted at organizations scaling from start-ups to enterprises and holding a very impressive track record in feasibility and technical assessment, re-evaluation, improvement, and automation of business process continuity and architecture. We comfort our clients by strategically defined AWS solution that helps and suffice all your business objectives.

Cloud-Native App

Building Cloud-Native Apps from the scratch on serverless technology of AWS obtain scalability, cost reduction and flexibility. Not just about technology but also to gain faster time to market.


Migrate your existing system to AWS Cloud – Take advantage of our Cloud Implementation and migration strategy to conduct transition to AWS infrastructure for Security, App Re-Hosting and Application Re-Architecting.

Cloud Support &

To reduce overall cloud expenses we assess your existing cloud infrastructure, identify over usage or under-utilized resources we provide Architecture Audit, Cost Optimization and Legacy Infrastructure Upgrade.

Get the most out of AWS Cloud Strategy

Perception System is having a long track record of helping customers on their cloud journey. As an AWS Partner, we have a modern experience and energetic team to deliver results.


the cloud direction that drives business alignment to achieve long-term objectives.


your application infrastructure from on-premise to cloud


the current technology baseline to develop a business case for cloud adoption.


cloud efficiently that required a secure & controlled process, and cost management.

We Offer One-Stop AWS Cloud Solutions

The AWS provides you an elastic IT infrastructure services (complete flexibility in terms of infrastructure plans, their configuration, and consumption – usage statistics) as per the demands of your business. With the minimal (lowest) cost and efforts as required, you can move to the AWS cloud infrastructure. It reduces capital expenses, minimizes the cost for the server support and administrative costs however still retains the performance, security and reliability needs for your business demands.

AWS Cloud Strategy

Deliver a high-end and scalable business solution that is engineered from scratch to cloud environment realizing the power and promise of Amazon’s cloud computing service.

Integrating with AWS

We integrate mission-critical cloud apps with on-premise and legacy systems that enable connectivity to AWS cloud services to minimize the resources and optimize the cost.

Cloud Deployment

We quickly and seamlessly deploy your existing software with a wide range of cloud-hosted services and implement highly reliable development expertise.

AWS Mobile Services

Crafting a niche for your brand with an agile and globally visible platform with high-end mobile business apps solutions.

Enterprise Middleware

We act as a liaison and render an identical interface for enterprise systems to integrate across legacy networks with custom cloud-based middleware content and data structure.

Monitoring & Management

Leveraging industry-standard monitoring and analytics tools, we proactively track and maintain your cloud application to secure its flawless operation.

Cloud Security

AWS provides rock-solid secured infrastructure, which is structured for high-profile clients. Our AWS specialists are experts in the vast array of AWS security tools and security plans.

Bridging DevOps

We provide cloud-based automation infrastructure that covers the entire delivery cycle and facilitates continuous code deployment by a delivery pipeline of DevOps to Cloud.

Delivering Professional Web Development Solutions

Collaborative Healthcare Research Portal

Combining modern technology with unmatched web experience for eCRF Management web portal that enables clinical trial and reaches data analytics.

Enterprise Commerce for Gift Registry

Implementing the most advanced gift registry solution with a seamless shopping experience and marketplace.

Learning & Educational Portal

Developing LMS web portal for online education and learning system for corporates engineered with a single robust, secure and integrated system

Online Food Ordering System

Changing the way people order and creating an amazing online delivery experience. We design a fully functional web system for online food delivery.

Case Study


Lugelo is an innovative concept of a social media networking website in Kenya. It is with three innovative integrations, such as a storybook, timeline, and journal-like modern social networking features.



Lugelo is a Journaling & eBook app created on the cloud-native architecture of AWS serverless. Lugelo has made a successful app development by hiring on-demand developers for 9 months.

AWS Cloud Strategy and Road Map

We are here to offer enterprise-grade cloud services that the cloud computing, individuals and small businesses can snap their fingers and instantly set up cloud infrastructure. Perception System has a team of Certified AWS Engineers who are well versed in AWS Cloud Management.

Amazon Web Services

As a certified AWS Consulting Partner, Perception System has been delivering enterprise-level AWS-based cloud service and have accomplished significant numbers of projects demonstrating AWS Service Implementation, Migration & Infrastructure Setup, Application Development & Optimization. And leverages cloud competencies and services provided by Amazon to deliver value-added solutions to our clients across the globe.

Migration and Today Strategy

Security demand

Automation system

Database Migration and Management

DevOps Automation Services

We offer a cloud-based automation service that covers the entire delivery cycle on a continuous deployment process. We provide DevOps as a Managed Service that brings your development and operations together for easily deployable applications in the AWS. We ensure full-fledged integrated functionalities of your existing cloud environment while we get involved to work closely together with your people, process and solution architects.

Source control demand

Infrastructure automation

Integration & Deployment

Infrastructure monitoring

Automated testing

AWS Cloud App Development

Our Cloud App Development Experts design and develop high-scale and flexible architecture to build robust, agile, secure applications from scratch. We provide perspective and strategic consulting on how AWS Cloud generates prospects for current and future business models. …. that bring legacy applications to the cloud and take advantage of microservices-powered cloud services, and leverage all the benefits of cloud computing.

Amazon Cloud Search

S2 & Elastic Compute Cloud (AC3)

Serverless & CloudWatch

Az Lambda & Clondtrail


Migration & Deployment to AWS

We ensure a smooth process of migration and implementation of your business to the AWS platform. Our dedicated team of Amazon AWS development experts delivers seamless transitions that improve user experience and support smart business from technical assessment, architecture reengineering and proof of concept to data and apps migration, automation and optimization.

Cloud Assessment

Infrastructure Configuration

Data & Apps Migration


Cloud-Native Development

Our highly skilled cloud application development professionals re-engineer your existing system on the cloud to enjoy its unparalleled scalability, resources, and infrastructure flexibility that rapidly respond to market changes and on-the-fly scaling and load balancing, true cross-platform availability, and optimization. Our experts help in optimizing project workloads and governing usage of cloud resources that allow for building “a modern” cloud-native approach.

Application Ray-Architecting

Cloud hybrid development

Saas / Pass / EAA

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End-to-end cloud-centric project delivery

We consult business transformation with innovative cloud services implementation expertly and provide detailed AWS service advice at every stage of the cloud implementation lifecycle. And help you identify and prioritize the most promising cloud strategy, selecting a computing model, delivering robust a cloud-first application, which is designed to scale fully, quickly and efficiently of the cloud of worthy.



The architecture stage includes designing the actual look and feel of the web portal. We are aiming for a strong architectural design for the Web Portal.



We create and develop customized, secure, reliable and robust enterprise portal development with easy access to social networks and communities.



The Web Portals need to be maintained to keep them up to date. We guarantee quality, competent and swift maintenance support.

  • Sprint
  • Start


  • Strategy
  • Cloud selection
  • Application assessment
  • Proof of concept


  • Application development
  • Application testing
  • Application integration
  • Application deployment


  • Application management
  • Application
    maintenance & support
  • Continuous improvement
  • Sprint
  • End

20+ Years of IT Advisory and Implementation applied to your Cloud Needs

Businesses and enterprises are always looking for ways to assimilate their processes to deliver seamless and smooth operations of all systems 24×7 success. Our innate command over cloud environment avert any glitches of downtime or unaccounted system enables us to provide tremendous abundant value savourer to our clientele for the last 20 years

Our team of AWS Certified Professionals helps you design and maintain robust Cloud-Infrastructure, backed by proven best practices and cutting-edge technologies in cloud computing.

Cost Optimization

We employ our high-qualified and certified cloud practitioners to improve on grand promises of cloud-based solutions in terms of Speed, Security, and Reliability of cost-effective infrastructure.

Security & Risk Management

While AWS provides a high level of security features and technology. We offer security practices and consult secured solution architecture to keep your business secure & impenetrable.

Innovation with technologies

We apply business intelligence drilling by applying AWS machine learning, Amazon AI tools and integrating leading practices into innovation projects.

24×7 Monitoring & Support

Staying ahead of the competition and market drifts, we ensure customer satisfaction at all levels from developing to deploying cloud-based solutions with the 24x7x365 standby job we offer.