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Company Name Lugelo Inc

Location USA

Industry Life Style

Lugelo is a complete journal and storytelling solution. We have developed the Web App and the Mobile Apps for iOS & Android Platforms. We consulted our client to use AWS native services for his project. Previously, they were using hosted service on Godaddy with Python and POSTGRESQL and we completely migrated them Serverless using AWS Lambda and AWS DynamoDB, and hosted the complete solution on AWS Cloud.

Services we offered

  • AWS
  • Serverless
  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development

The Challenge

The client was searching a solution partner, who can deliver something like a standard a social media features. Client was from a technical background so he wanted to select a partner who can deliver using AWS Server-less, React & Python. Perception System being an AWS consulting partner was proved to be an ideal app development company for their requirement.

We have taken a bit different approaches for evaluating the requirements. We gave a distinct questionnaire for this project to understand the persona in the user research stage. We have run a survey and segregate various relevant features and ask the client to select the most appropriate ones. Our team then took the design thinking approach to serve the user research for the web application.


The client wants to provide a central place for Lugelo users to share their experiences with the brand or personal experiences using storytelling techniques in a storybook.

A story can contain multiple moments to it with an image, video, text, document or an audio.

A user can invite his friends to contribute on this story. Eg. a company’s employee is making story of picnic days with friends so he invites his colleagues to add their words & media in different moment.


The story is represented to public if user wants to share the story as public. And this story is appeared as a timeline to people. Now, people can like or put comments to it.

The brand has powerful features to bring various story formats on its timelines, such as Snapchat stories, WhatsApp Status, Instagram Stories, YouTube reels, Facebook stories, Skype highlights, Medium series, and much more.

Enable brands to add interesting milestones from its brand history or product history.

Project Scope

The client has selected Perception System as its social media development technology partner and wanted an innovative social networking site exclusively attached with Kenya and regional culture. Therefore, our web developers have taken the right approaches to beat the challenge.


Our social media web developers, business analysts, and web designers have analyzed requirements for project & considered client-side expectations with precisely.

Project Planning

We have prepared a detailed project plan according to the client’s needs and set up milestones, as well as deliverables according to the scope of work.

Project Architecture

Perception System put additional efforts to define the architecture for the challenging social networking site.

Wireframe & Prototypes

Our team took the UX at gradual level to solve existing user’s pain. They came up with wireframes and presented to technical teams and clients. After few iterations we could finally make up the main pages.

Designing & Programming

We considered React JS as a front-end after analyzing on other technologies. Hence, we made the user interface decouple from the backend.



Our Journey towards the Solution was highly challenging and a lot of lessons to learn for our web development team. We had finally hit the following objectives successfully, such as

Creation of Storybook

We have empowered end-users to create interesting stories around the brand product experiences using texts, images, and multimedia content.

Creation of Timeline

The web portal allows brands to integrate relevant and inspiring stories from the storybook to timeline of the brand page or simply publish as a post on Lugelo.


We have enabled brands and end-users to invite friends and other contributors to contribute in meaningful ways, share the contributions, and garner social Likes.

Solution – Deployment

We did a lot of research and found that AWS is the proper path so, our team of developers went in-depth to find the best out of it and they came up with 3 great services:

AWS Lambda & API Gateway
S3 bucket
Dynamo DB

Hence, we decided to migrate our POSTGRESQL into DYNAMODB using AWS DB MIGRATION service and we deployed this solution to AWS Cloud Successfully.

Support & Maintenance

A comprehensive support and post-development maintenance services to ensure the smooth running of the website throughout its lifecycle.

We Used

  • AWS


  • AWS Lambda

    AWS Lambda

  • API Gateway

    API Gateway

  • S3 bucket

    S3 bucket

  • Dynamo DB

    Dynamo DB

  • React.JS



Milestones & Deliverables

The web front was supposed to be made in just 60 days and we finished it on time.


The website has achieved quick adoption among the regional and international users and touched the 20K+ number of users within a short span.


We delivered the social networking site successfully to the customer and provided a satisfactory level of maintenance & support.

Value Delivered


“Working with Perception Systems was a professional bliss, great work under budget and reasonable execution timeframes, my current go-to for python-web development solutions!”

Luis R. Soenksen,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Striking Features

Journals & Storybooks

Journals & Storybooks

Invite Friends

Invite Friends

Group 19

Share Journals

Support & Maintenance Copy 2

Convert Journal in to eBook


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