America’s first Dedicated Career Marketplace for Beauty Industry

HANDSOME is on a mission to connect, educate, and strengthen salon
professionals’ career. It’s a LinkedIn like App for Barber & Beauty


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Handsome Inc, a startup in Austin – Texas, is the first networking app for beauty professionals. Gives opportunities to online community for beauty industry hustlers who want to build their portfolio, create network, get educated and find jobs.

Handsome App is winner of SoGal pitch competition and a startup successfully raised 2.5M USD in the seed round in 2021.

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April Dominguez approached Perception System while she was just aiming to create in the beauty industry for women owned businesses and was continuously showing up ready to get scrappier from fundraising to product enhancement.

April selected Perception System by evaluating various aspects of capability to deliver, technology competency and work passion.

Reliable IT Partner

Handsome’s top-most concern was to have a trustful reliable IT partner having a long vision.

Industry Expertise

They were in a search of experts who have develop products with similar features and industry.

On-going Support

They wanted a software company who can provide continuous long-term development support for their product.

CTO as a Service

As an early stage startup in USA, it was not easy to onboard full-time CTO, therefore HANDSOME was looking for a remote CTO service to cater all strategic technological tasks.


HANDSOME aimed to provide cost-effective digital networking community for wellness industry by developing a platform that connects all the stakeholders in the beauty salon sector.

The technical requirements was to build something special at Handsome App to go beyond the digital product. Hence Perception was in the lookout for an experienced technology partner that could turn their vision into a market fit product.


Agile Cloud Infrastructure

To build agile cloud infrastructure and powerful data processing that scale up the solution across the large community with hits over millions of actions that might be taken on this platform.


Real-time B2B Marketplace

To develop a real-time, secured and integrated information exchange platform with innovative features that brings together all the stakeholders in beauty ecosystem.


Advanced Artificial Intelligence

To succeed in its mission to “HANDSOMEplus Beauty Means Business Radio,” It needed to crunch huge hairstylist and salon professional by advanced AI platform developed on machine learning models.


Beyond The Career Platform

HANDSOME is creating economic opportunity, so need to build more than just a career platform. Not only digital product, HANDOME is building a new way of doing business and showing up in the workplace for beauty professionals.


With the proven tack-record on delivering career marketplace solutions on hands, Perception Syste started with custom agile app development. To make the application accessible to every educator, every brand, and every professional from beauty segment on one platform, we developed app to keep users informed the way they want.

Perception designed, tested and built a custom marketplace from scratch. By placing the modern salon community at the centre and solid foundation for marketplace, we delivered HANDSOME App for Beauty Industry.

Agile Approach of Delivery

We followed the Agile Scrum methodology to develop the app and started working in an iterative & incremental delivery model.

Test Driven Development

We adopted test driven design and development approach to result a high-quality app as a final product.

Agile Approach of Delivery

We followed the Agile Scrum methodology to develop the app and started working in an iterative & incremental delivery model.

Community Portal displays the communities that users participate in, making it possible to manage memberships (join new communities, leave them, invite new members, etc.).

Searching & Networking leverages the capabilities of networking and allows users to search for content and people across the entire portal.

Professional Profile contains the key information about each user and allows them to manage their personal profiles.

Admin Panel enables the HANDSOME administrators to see all registered accounts and content published on the community page.


The Portfolio contains all the details of a user’s profile, that includes their City, Work, Work gallery, Skills, Education, recently viewed Microdoses, people they are following, followers etc. They can keep on updating these details at regular intervals.


Masterminds – Microdoses – Events

Masterminds are basically public groups used to coach the members of the community through challenge videos where the members can complete the challenge by posting a clip.

Microdoses are audio clips for the EDUCATION purpose of the industry where creators upload audio clips from the admin panel which are added playlist wise in different pages of the App like EDU & FORUM.

Events can be created using mobile App and admin panel for the Events happening related to the Barber Industry. It can be Online or Offline event with the details mentioned in the event created.


Rewards are of 3 types (Digital, In-person & Ships to you) which can be created and defined from the Admin Panel. Two different types of challenges can be included in a reward but 1 type at a time in each reward, completing which user can redeem the reward.


The Result

HANDSOME singled out for changing landscape in Career Marketplace by developing breakthrough applications for the beauty sector. Handsome App has now got 30K+ Active users using the education feeds and other vital features. They have received 40k+ downloads as of November 2022 and are still counting.

Handsome App was also recognized as a Top 10 Startup to watch in Texas, United States. They wanted not just an app but a digital networking platform for beauty salon professionals.

At present Handsome App is now elated and awarded as the 1st-ever Latinx founder to receive a $100,000 cash award from Google for Startups Latinx Fund.


Perception System place the highly experienced technocrats & architect as a CTO with the dedicated team collaborate with HANDSOME’s team to thoroughly understand their feature plans & ideas. A certified scrum master with agile mindset assigned to implement agile methodology to build the entire app.


Domain expert BA analysed the requirement:
  • Over 12 meetings before project kickstart

  • Gathered Data & Project Information

  • Defined use cases & user stories.

Project Planning

Defined process & project delivery strategy:
  • Collaboration with Stakeholders

  • Diagrams for App workflow

  • Desired list of features

App Prototypes

Visualised with wireframes & full-featured prototype:
  • Initial design concept with Wireframes

  • FFP citing all possible workflow of App

  • Informational hub on navigational data flows.

Architecture Design

Setup server-less deployment on CI/CD patterns:
  • Created a Serverless App Architecture

  • Designed API and Microservices

  • Optimized strategy using Lambda Computing Environment


Our Team developed & delivered with dedication:
  • keeping up with priorities

  • Continues Integration & testing

  • Ongoing maintenance, and support


iOS Swift
Node JS
Google Cloud Functions
AWS Lambda
Aurora RDS

What Client’s
say to us

HANDSOME is the place for hairstylists, colourists experience, makeup artists, estheticians, and beauty pros to build your industry network, post questions, find answers and apply to jobs. It’s LinkedIn for beauty.


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