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Curiosum Tech Private Limited is an interactive company, based in Mumbai and is mainly focusing on different events and as well offering competitive platforms and knowledge resources for individuals interested in science, technology and engineering applications.

We are primarily dedicated to education and to promote long-term sustainability through connecting industry experts with the community. Basically, we are bridging the gap between classroom theory and practical application.

Curiosum Tech is pleased to announce the launch of a Jobs Portal that is exclusively open to the participants and volunteers of Curiosum Tech’s events.

Participants at our events (Formula Bharat, FSEV, FBV, Academy, Astrover Challenge and Rev-it!) can create their free profile and use this complimentary service to search for active jobs. Job Seekers must upload an event certificate in their profile in order to have their profile verified.

Services we offered

  • Job Portal Development

The Challenge

As stated, the client belongs to the event and media company, though they realized to chart in the job industry. The client came up with the idea of this in mind, and had initial discussions with Perception System to discover the futuristic scope of their new venture.

As an initial goal for us was to build a solid platform for Curiosum Tech that may offer a smooth control over the accounts of the job candidates and employers, well-organizing of jobs and applicants of job and an effective communication between them.

As an industry expert in developing numerous job portals for many clients, this goal was not a hurdle for us, though we had few conditions which really demanded a bit more consciousness towards project development and hence challenged us to attend it well. As the project was a piloting initiative and hence decided to get a quick, reliable and a budget-friendly solution which can be completely reformed later when an adequate success is attained by Curiosum Tech.

This led to the decision of picking a ready-made open source (WordPress) as a base platform instead of developing the entire website using custom development. This was our first challenge because there were very few utilities and extensions available under WordPress to avail the required functionality, and hence we need to develop the majority of functionalities in a custom way under WordPress, which should still be compatible with WordPress norms, so if some updates occur then a custom functionality should not get disturbed or disappear of that otherwise.

A second challenge was to keep the provision of scalability under the proposed website in such a way that even though it is being developed on open source, it should still offer enormous opportunities for the scalability. The client is having many plans for extending the current phase of assets to bring a detailed portal online.

Finding Expert Team

Finding a team is easy nowadays, though to find an expert and an experienced team is a challenge. Perhaps, to prove you as an expert is also a challenge for the consultant. This is true for everyone. We proved this with a prolonged experience in job portal development, and alongside gaining domain knowledge for winning the trust of our client.

Team Screening

As a next action, the client was conscious to screen the development team who is going to work on the project. Screening was divided in two parts, and needed to be attended by the key members of the project. The screening consists of technical as well as logical questionnaires to check our expertise and experience.

Ultimately, the screening went well, as the team of the Perception System was courageous to accept the challenge. A proper planning and streamline work assignments to the allocated team resulted in the proven outcome as expected by the client.

Time limitations

Apart from technical challenges as we described earlier, we also had a challenge to play well on the defined timeline. Executing and keeping progress on time is really a challenge if the deadline is short and the work scale is adequate. The entire project execution team always works under pressured environments and strives to complete project requirements within strict and scanty timelines.

The client asked us to deliver this project within a defined time frame of 2 to 3 months, so it can get aligned to their marketing and promotion activities.. The timeline given for this project was of 8 to 10 sprints, covering 1 week per sprint. And, within this duration, the solution has to be ready, proven (QC), pushed to a live environment with an effective execution.

On-going Support & Maintenance

Generally, we believe in establishing long-term relationships so it can be beneficial for both – the client as well as consultant. As we are already running on-going support for many clients for a couple of years, this was not a difficult for us, except developing a solution in WordPress and then preserving its integrity even while an update comes.

Project Scope

We had a series of discussion sessions with the client to exactly understand their requirements. This has helped us to understand the work scale and a clear scope line before we pick the team to start execution.

To start with, we allocated an experienced business team for the analysis and technical team to get their business requirements on paper in an optimized and effective form. Our team leveraged an iterative method to get feedback early and designed user-flow diagrams, sketches and wireframes before moving to high-fidelity design and prototypes.

Performing System Analysis

We allocated our top business analysts to analyze the client’s requirements. In the beginning, the software development team has analyzed the concept of hypothetically. Afterward, we have closely inspected the entire process and defined user stories.

Creating Project Plan

Based on our findings, we created flow diagrams for the entire workflow and planned the project development process by defining technical implementations.

Creating System Architecture

The Perception System defined the entire web and mobile app architecture with navigation, modules, and data interactions with the backend system.

Creating Wireframe & Prototypes

After several attempts and meetings with the client-side team, our web and mobile app designers have prepared wireframes and prototypes citing all possible workflow diagrams, navigation, and data flows.

Creating UI & Database Design

We’ve created a user-friendly UI design for the web (back-office) and mobile – both. For this, we have a thorough study of the – user-focused UI and UX design research, establish design patterns for UI and UX design consistency, and consistent actions in application.

Creating User Stories & Test Cases

We’ve created user stories & test cases of each functionality of the system, so that the system can be precisely developed and tested well.

Developing Web-based System

After having detailed analysis, we started to design the web schema, including database design, scaffolding of web framework and then started to develop. The website development covered programming jobs, establishing environment (development/staging/live), choosing a scalable architecture for the futuristic enhancements, development of web-based back office systems.

Our development team analyzed and as per a project planner they started the development to achieve the completion within a defined time limits.

Performing QA/QC

Before we handover the development of the website to our QC team, we involved a senior business analyst to do a verification and validation of development functionality to make sure about the integrity as per client’s requirements.

Later, when the website was submitted to the QA (testing) team, they performed end to end QA/Testing of the entire website aligned to the test cases we wrote. Later the website was delivered to the client to collect their final feedback (UAT) before going live.

Deploying & Delivering the Final System to Client

Once the testing was over, we offered an Amazon AWS hosting environment where we did an initial level of business configurations and started deploying it via GIT pushing.

Along with, we kept a provision of the back-up server and staging environment to accommodate any requested updates on the staging environment before confirming it to go live.

Support & Maintenance

Soon after a free maintenance support which was of 2 months since going live, the client inclined to offer us a maintenance contract. We signed an AMC contract with the client, covering health check, website and database backup, fixing bugs and deprecating issues, futuristic enhancements, design and cosmetic changes etc.



A well-understood, conscious planning and an organized effort while an entire cycle of project execution resulted in an effective solution as the client expected to have.

A final solution that came up here was an appealing and functional-rich job portal, which could be used by the job seekers as well as employers in an easy yet effective way.

Agile Scrum

We followed the Agile Scrum methodology to develop the mobile app. We listed features as tasks backlogs and started working in an iterative & incremental delivery model.

Development Methodology

We adopted a test driven design and development approach to result in a high-quality mobile app as a final product.


We built the mobile app solution using a latest and stable release of the mobile development SDK at the time. For iOS app development, we used Swift framework (Objective-C language) for the iOS app whereas Android framework (Kotlin language) for the Android app.

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

We have adopted BDD approaches to bring collaboration between client-side teams across the various branches and development teams along with seamless communications.


We broke down the entire development process using WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) methodologies to address almost all requirements of client-organization.

We Used

  • PHP


  • Wordpress


  • HTML5


  • CSS3


  • JavaScript


  • Bootstrap


  • My SQL

    My SQL

  • AWS



Milestones & Deliverables

A simple and easy yet effective website launched on time covering client’s expectations and a scope for futuristic enhancement provision.


An effective accounts management, data controls and MIS reports to keep the functioning at a steady pace, attaining gradual success in the market.


A streamline functioning of the website without any flaws caused adequate satisfaction feelings for the client, and platform users.

Value Delivered


“Working with Perception Systems was a professional bliss, great work under budget and reasonable execution timeframes, my current go-to for python-web development solutions!”

Luis R. Soenksen,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Striking Features

Group 5

Job seeker account & profiling


Employer account & profiling


Job catalog

Group 5

Job application & shortlisting

Group 5

Advertiser add-on

Group 19

Social sharing

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