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Top 10 small business startup ideas for Techie Entrepreneurs with less investment

Top 10 small business startup ideas for Techie Entrepreneurs with less investment

Yes, you heard right, you can start a business of your interest with least investment to earn more profit. So, let’s have a look at Top 10 small business ideas for Techie Entrepreneurs with less investment.

1. Food ordering mobile app

One of the most remarkable advancements in the food industry is the introduction of mobile apps. Food ordering app has made the life quite easy for customers and profitable for the restaurants. Earlier practice was to keep the menu card has become old-fashioned now. So, if you are looking for new business ideas, then developing such app will surely be profitable for you.

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For this, you just have to contact few restaurants initially and brief them the idea actually you are working for and how the same can be profitable for them. Once you convinced them that the app will help them connect directly even with the remote customer, they will surely become your client.

The app should have restaurants list, Automatic or manual confirmation or rejection of bookings, Email notifications, automatically block bookings when the restaurants are closed, customized to manage bookings, Dynamic booking form to any page, post or widget area, Add and edit bookings – directly from the admin panel and so on.Feedback providing section is a must for this application as people would like to see the review prior to check in.

2. Online e-commerce store development

This is another interesting small business idea which is tried and tested with low investment. E-commerce platforms are the bestselling businesses nowadays as people like to shop from the comfort of the home due to time constraint. To start this business, you just have to look around the vicinity and find out the things which are actually required. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the idea should be fresh.

The success of an e-commerce platform largely depends on the promising seller and the product quality. Prior to starting the same, you have to decide on the products you want to be displayed and sold them. If you decide to cater specific industry, then the properties have to get developed accordingly.

While developing the e-commerce site, keeping in mind the features such as

  • User-friendly portal
  • Real-time payment processing
  • Shopping Cart (Hosted)
  • Authentication services, secure solutions
  • Web-based reporting System
  • Easy to manage store
  • Merchants accounts
  • Recurring Billing

Payment gateway Integration and so on is immense importance. So, come up with a unique idea and you do not have to wait long for investors as well as the customers.

3. Job recruitment app development

Whether you think of India or abroad as the client base, the job portal is in demand everywhere. Ever since globalization, the job aspirants continuously looking for new and better opportunities. So, developing Job recruitment app can be fruitful for them and ultimately for you.

Job application app should have features like registrations forms, free Resume posting and editing, search and apply, uploading or attaching Image in the resume job seeker management, employer management, category management and so on.

The best part is you just need a system with internet and few formats required to develop such sites. Being technical, this can prove best for your career. Just try this with low investment along with less risk.

The recruitment site can be offered to employers with an annual subscription and some premium services to the job seekers. This is the best way to earn a profit. For this, you need to add a key of subscription and payment option.

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4. Education Application Development

Now there is a difference between learning and smart learning. Simple learning can be forgotten easily but the things we experience visually is hard to forget. And here comes the importance of E-learning. Yes, this can be your future. Start developing the Education Application Development as numerous companies and institutions are in search of better learning apps.

E-learning app should have diverse training modules in form of audio-visual sessions, self-paced programs, system based training, web-based training, and so on. Integrating all these at one platform is critical but if developed strategically can prove best.

The features you need to cover while developing this application are the virtual classrooms, online exams, audio-visual streaming, online courses, interactive presentations, multimedia features, real-time communication, social integration, etc. So, if you have interest in education, this app will be the best idea for the startup.

5. Healthcare App Development

Undoubtedly, the mobile based applications are handy and best in providing quick assistance in the need of hour. Along with all another mobile app, Healthcare App is of immense importance in terms of life-saving.

In time, when you require knowing the nearest doctor available or hospital or blood bank or pharmacy, this app will be of great use. So, why don’t think to develop such unique app.
isn’t it a great small business idea? Yes, it is.

Continuing with this idea, you would require to visit the doctors, hospitals, pharmacy and also have to meet some patients to understand the actual requirement. The app should have the facility to book an appointment with doctors, the pathology facilities data, available pharmacy, working hours and so on.

As the app will be too personal, keeping the data secure should be given the priority. Developing this app, you can serve the industry better in terms of

  • Triage Management
  • Clinician Management
  • Home Care Management
  • Delivery Management
  • e-Procurement
  • Billing and Collection Management
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Digital Record Keeping etc

The app can be developed from the doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, patients and so on. The app can provide support to all of them and ultimately to the patient.

6. Event Management App

Nowadays, people need everything handy and so, they require a mobile app for each and everything including event management app. Start your new business by providing the facility to users for registering themselves for any type of event or happenings through the app.

Be it a party or conference or fair or any other occasion, the app should provide them an all-around information to attract heavy traffic and huge revenue. So, if you have even a little understanding and interest in this field, this business can surely lead you towards success.

  • Corporate Events
  • Personal Events
  • Cultural events
  • For Conferences or all inclusive

Typically, the below things should be included while developing this app for better user experience:

Start by providing the maps for event location which is integral for any event app and a great help for the people traveling from other places.
Next, it should allow easy booking and cancellation. This can be made easy by providing the registration link.

In short, the below features are eminent:

  • Event agenda and schedule
  • Sending Invitation
  • Guest registration
  • Exhibitor and sponsor management
  • Vendor management
  • Regular Automatic Updates
  • Email and promotional programs
  • Discount codes
  • Secure payment Gateway creation

7. Computer Repair Business

Being a techie, you must be aware of the software part of the systems. So, acquiring a little knowledge about hardware can lead you towards the path of success. Nowadays, every single urban personal is having either laptop or desktop of other similar systems and so, repairing and maintenance activity they surely would like to have.

As the systems have become an integral part of life, keeping the data safe and secure is the another hurdle for them. And all of them are well aware that only periodical maintenance and timely repairing can keep the valuable data secure.

So, why you should not think to assist them in professional manner. This can be a great idea to start a business. This small business idea can be started with low investment and even with the lower risk factor. You just require some tools for startup.
Below are few highlight which can give you the reasons for thinking about this idea.

  • Minimal Start-up cost
  • Large market coverage including individual users, small
  • businesses home-based businesses and so on
  • Office setup is not required
  • Can be started with serving close ones

How can this service be more effective?

  • Good service can fly with word of mouth referrals Maintenance services can be provided to ongoing clients.
  • Emergency support can be offered for increasing client base Competitive price can be offered.

As innovation transforms, you have numerous approaches to extend your service offerings, let’s say remote computer data access, Cloud backup configuration etc.

8. Furniture Rental App

As people have started moving frequently from one city to other, most of them would like to have the rental furniture as they do not want to carry with them. So, developing a Furniture rental app can be of great assistance for the people coming to the unknown city. And also a great small business idea.

The furniture business owners will definitely get attracted to your idea. Most of the professionals who live alone, require such services. You have to add some key features like:
Packages :

  • Package customization
  • Specified sets as per the rooms requirement
  • If making for all-inclusive means for residential as well as commercial purpose, then develop the features according to the demand.
  • Payment options
  • Order processing
  • Shipping and Delivery
  • Maintenance support key etc
  • Customer support feature or live chat option can also be added.

9. Fitness App Development

Most of the fitness equipment seller is always in look for increasing revenue through various means. They can be the potential buyer for your Fitness app. You can also offer a subscription with some charges. As they are already selling the product, guiding the existing and target customers through this app would be quite helpful for them.

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Maintaining fitness is one of the biggest challenges now a day and the prime culprit is the time constraint. So, if the people will be served with this app along with the fitness equipment, managing overall health will become much easier for them. So, just give a thought to this small business idea out of many and become your own boss.
Various types of apps can be developed to keep the people healthy and fit. It can be

  • Activity tracking apps such as keeping a record of your daily steps
  • Diet and nutrition guiding apps
  • App for workout or exercise and so on

Basic features for any of these apps:

  • Account creation
  • Linking various other services
  • Key for adding personal info
  • Tracking user’s activities
  • Integrating location
  • Notifications
  • Setting targets
  • Pre-set exercise routines/creating workouts
  • Providing updates and so on

10. Real Estate App Development

Any of the mobile application has been developed to provide better use assistance a so the Real Estate App is. The idea is great for a startup business. With a low investment, the idea can be sold easily.

By adding the following features, the app can be fruitful for real estate business.

  • Push Notifications
  • Software embedded
  • Virtual Reality
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Video Streaming
  • QR & Bar Code Scanner Reader
  • Quiz App
  • Google Maps App
  • Bluetooth technology
  • GPS Integration

The app can be used for various purposes such as:

  • A direct marketing channel.
  • 24/7 connectivity with customers.
  • Easy brand building.

Detailed visual showcasing of property listings and inventories The Real Estate App is not only helpful for local customers but great assistance for the Nonresidents and the people shift from other cities. So, why can’t sell your knowledge and skill with the best-developed platform?
Here is the list of some small business ideas for technical persons and any of them can be started with low investment. Now you do not have to generate idea rather have to start working on any one of them. Initially, it might look little difficult but then expertise and hard work always count. So, just go ahead and lead your life proudly.


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