About the Client

Location United States

Industry Finance & Investments

Qatalyst Partners is a global investment bank that provides strategic and financial advice and consultancy services for mergers and acquisitions of different technological partners. It advises senior management and boards of established and emerging technology leaders on matters crucial to their growth and success.

A primary role of the Qatalyst Parters is to serve the clients as a catalyst for gaining the positive changes by assisting them navigate and capitalize on the transformational forces affecting the global technology industry. Qatalyst Partners assists the clients on a broad range of strategic activities such as mergers and acquisitions, business diversifications, divestitures, IPO offers, spinoffs, recapitalizations, capital structure and many other financial alternatives.

Services we offered

  • Website design
  • Mobile App Development

The Challenge

As far as requirements of the project were concerned, there were no technical challenges in this project. Though, Qatalyst Partners is a really very huge and a renowned organization and hence it was quite important for us to understand, analyze and then draft the requirements with bit more consciousness. Actually the website and mobile app we were developing was their brand identity and hence it was quite necessary to know the layout and color preference of the client as well as establish an ideal navigational aspect of the website and mobile app. We had a series of iterations occur while confirming the website and mobile app’s layout and user experience perspective.

Time limitations

A major challenge in this straightforward website and mobile app design and development project was a short timeline as we were asked to design, develop, and then go live within 5 weeks.

As the timeline was very short hence each day for us was quite important and hence we appointed a couple of designers to work on website and mobile app design and navigational aspect simultaneously, so we could deliver a series of layouts in a short period and grab client’s confirmation. Based on the final confirmation for a particular layout, we initiated development and had a completion within the agreed timeline.

Project Scope

The scope of work was quite straightforward, just designing and developing a corporate website and mobile app. Hence, it was an easy experience for us to execute every stage of development and finally deliver it to the client.

Starting from the requirements gathering phase, where there was nothing to do much but as said earlier, the client is a big name in the corporate world and hence it was quite important for us to grab their interest and intention properly. Our senior analyst took care of discussing with the client to understand their vision for the new website as well as pondered the pain area of their existing website. The business analyst concluded the report in terms of – a features document, notes on the client’s vision and expectations with the new website and mobile app.

Website & Mobile app development

Once the requirements had been cleared and brought on the paper, our development team initiated the discussion with the analyst in order to sync the requirements before starting the development.

It was a quick catch for us because we need to deliver the new website and mobile app within 5 weeks of period and hence as quickly a business analyst submitted the report, the project manager started to involve a designer team in order to start with the design mockup, covering at least 3 different themes to identify and then finally choose any with a concluding feedback of client.

The client was quite happy as the layout of the website and mobile app were all good and had no major feedback to improve. The client quickly shared an approval on the design and hence, we started to work on the design integration, followed by the functionality implementation. Entire website and mobile app were dynamic and manageable from the back office to allow the admin to update any section at any moment of time.

Performing QA/QC

Once the website and mobile app were ready, the testing team started to test the website and mobile app. The QC team initiated testing of the back office (i.e. admin panel) first followed by the testing of the front part. This way the testing team concluded the symmetry between the back office and the front area of the website and mobile app show how the updates from the back office are reflected in the front.

The QC team submitted their final feedback to the developer team to work upon. the development team worked and concluded the feedback and finally the project manager shared the link with the client to get a final approval upon.

The client reviewed the website and mobile app quickly shared an approval as there was not much to improve because the initial feedback of our QC team had been already taken care by our development team.

Deploying & Delivering the Final System to Client

Soon after an approval by the client, we initiated the configuration of the server environment on the client’s hosting space, followed by the deployment (GIT pushing) of the website and mobile app.

As a standard practice, we deployed a back-up server and staging environment to accommodate any requested updates on the staging environment before confirming it to go live.

As a general routine, we also employed a back-up server and staging environment to accommodate any requested updates on the staging environment before confirming it to go live.

Providing Support & Maintenance

The client was quite impressed with us and had decided to continue seeking our support service for their new website and mobile app. The support activities are routine health check, database backup, fixing bugs and deprecating issues, futuristic enhancements, design and cosmetic changes etc.



Organized efforts and a synergy among the team members, resulted in an expected outcome – a new website and mobile app. The new website and mobile app are quite appealing, and reflects the brand identity of the Qatalyst Partners.

The team, deals and philanthropy sections are the key blocks of the entire website and mobile app and really present Qatalyst Partners’ prolonged impression and work ethic.

As the project was all about to design and develop a corporate website and mobile app for the Qatalyst Partners, hence there was not much over functionality, the only thing that mattered to us was the aesthetics and user experience of the website and mobile app.

A careful inspection by our designer panel as well as a project manager to grab the interest and taste of current corporate world, they came up with the couple of themes (i.e. layouts) of the website and mobile app and allowed client (Qatalyst Partners) to share a collaborative inputs over these to finally converge it in a single final design (layout) of the website and mobile app.

The final product, i.e. website and mobile app look really appealing and it influences any corporate members to at least spend adequate time to understand and inquire about Qatalyst Partners. Hence, we are quite confident and happy to see that we delivered the solution according to the valuation of expectation as the client had with us.

We Used

  • php


  • php


  • php

    React Native

  • HTML5


  • CSS3


  • JavaScript


  • Bootstrap


  • My SQL

    My SQL

  • Amazon AWS

    Amazon AWS


Milestones & Deliverables

An innovative design of the website and mobile app, with an intuitive user experience.


A website and mobile app reflect the corporate identity and a rich portfolio of deals by Qatalyst Partners.


The prime needs of the Qatalyst Partners were attended to and hence implemented in terms of a corporate website and mobile app which gave 100% satisfaction to the client.

Value Delivered


“Working with Perception Systems was a professional bliss, great work under budget and reasonable execution timeframes, my current go-to for python-web development solutions!”

Luis R. Soenksen,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Striking Features

Role-based dynamic panel (for staff members)

Self-intuitive layout and easy navigation

Invite Friends

Deals block

Group 19

News block

Support & Maintenance Copy 2

Philanthropy block


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