Sahin Mansuri


Sahin Mansuri is the founder and CEO of Perception System Pvt. Ltd. and has been leading Perception for more than 18 years. He is a technopreneur with significant professional experience in Software & Web domains, fostering always ingenious and virtuous principles. He is a big believer in Simplification, Transparency; which nurtures ethical bench-marking.

Since 2001, Sahin has consciously devoted time and energy towards the developments of the organization to its current status with the focus on expertise, team building to render professional and high-end services. He has adhered to the chief execution and business direction to a fully compliant, financially lean and off-course profitable corporation.

Sahin started the venture as a one-man show, today delivered hundreds of projects and satisfied clients in more than 60 countries including the Harvard, IIM, Sanofi, Servier, and Saudi Heart Association, by providing strategically driven CEO roles and responsibilities.