To Sequel or Not to Sequel: Accident Man (2018)

It’s always difficult to assess how successful a straight to DVD film is but I imagine it must be very hard with so any people pirating movies for free these days. I hope fans of Scott Adkins actually paid to watch this movie to support the indie action industry as it must be a struggle to make any profit.

Anyway, Accident Man is one of Adkin’s best films of recent times with a witty script, a badass protagonist and plenty of bone crunching action scenes. It also had a great supporting cast including Michael Jai White, Ray Park, Amy Johnston and Ray Stevenson.

As I said in my review a few weeks back Stevenson practically steals the movie with some great one-liners but despite being funny he manages to be rather scary at the same time.

Adkins really got to show off his acting chops too rather than just punching people in the face… but he still gets to do plenty of that too. The character of Mike Fallon is arguably one of Adkins best and hopefully fans can finally shut up about Boyka and allow Adkins to move on and explore these newer characters.

Fallon deserves at least 1 other movie and personally I say we bring in Jason Statham as the antagonist so we can finally have that Expendables 2 rematch.

So yeah, I totally want a sequel. Do you?