Presentation Title and Link Presenter Organization File size
Municipal Stormwater Issues Byron Blumenfeld, Stormwater Administrator Spring Lake, NC 1.2 mb
City of Raleigh Stormwater Utility Lake Preservation Policy Danny Bowden, PE Stormwater Utility Manager Raleigh, NC 5.5 mb
Low Inflow Protocols in the Catawaba and Natahala Basins Ed Bruce, PE Senior Engineer Duke Energy .835 mb
Climatic Influences on Algal Blooms and Water Quality in Inland Waters of the Southeast Dr. JoAnn Burkholder NCSU Center for Applied Aquatic Ecology 3.9 mb
Assessing Hydrologic and Water Quality Sensitivity to Global Change Jonathan Butcher Tetra Tech 2.8 mb
Smaller is Better- Use Restoration Watershed (URW) Program Paul Clark, URW Coordinator Division of Water Quality NCDENR 2.1 mb
Spatial and Seasonal Dynamics of Nonindigenous Daphnia Lumholtziand Other Crustacean Zooplankton in Falls Lake Sandra L. Cooke, Postdoctoral Fellow Duke University .74 mb
Soil & Erosion Control to AchieveWater Quality Improvements Earl Davis-Section Chief, Guilford County Erosion Control Guliford County, NC 3.5 mb
Introduced Fish Species In The Catawba River, North Carolina Lawrence Dorsey North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission 4.1 mb
Drought, Algal Blooms, and Drinking Water Trihalomethanes: a Possible Connection Linda C. Ehrlich, Ph.D Spirogyra Diversified
Environmental Services
12.6 mb
Marks Creek Stream Restoration Brad Fairley Stantec .55 mb
The Removal of Dillsboro Dam: The Unique Challenge of Success Scott Fletcher Stantec .91 mb
Pond Fisheries Management During and Following Extreme Weather Johnny Foster Foster Lake & Pond Management .85 mb
Drought Management in North Carolina Tom Fransen NCDWR .83 mb
A Novel Approach to Coliform Reduction in a Raw Water Supply Bill Frazier, City of High Point High Point, NC 2.6 mb