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Where to buy the limited edition Starfield Xbox Wireless Controller and Headset

Engage thrusters.

After a very impressive Xbox Showcase yesterday, we were treated to 45 minutes of Starfield gameplay in a special Starfield Direct from Bethesda.

In the gameplay overview we saw how combat, space travel, companions, and more would look in Starfield. It was a seriously impressive display, further increasing the excitement for the game's long-awaited release on 6th September 2023 for Xbox and PC.

In the middle of the showcase, director Todd Howard showed off a new limited edition Starfield Xbox Wireless Headset and Controller that are being sold to celebrate the game's release. You can buy the controller for £69.99/$79.99 and the headset for £114.99/ $124.99

Where to buy the Starfield Limited Edition Xbox Wireless Controller and Headset


This limited edition controller is about £15/$30 more than a standard Xbox Wireless controller is at the moment, but it is certainly one of the best looking ones we've seen and will stand out on your shelf or table.

The Starfield limited edition controller features transparent triggers that let you see the bronze rumble motors inside, a bronze metallic D-pad that contrasts to the white shell, and there are lots of little decals around the buttons that look like names on a spaceship control panel, such as "FLT CNTRL" and "THROT".

The Xbox Wireless controller still sits at the top of Digital Foundry's best controller guide because it's well-made and easy to use with Xbox, PC, iOS and Android devices, so you'll be getting a controller that's just as good to play with as it is to look at.

The limited-edition headset follows suit, featuring a Constellation inspired insignia brandished on the headband, a clear mic boom revealing an internal bronze speaker piece, and technical earcup dial graphics for controlling volume and balance settings.

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