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Tentacool 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Tentacool in Pokémon Go

Everything you need to know about Tentacool’s Spotlight Hour.

This week’s Spotlight Hour is all about the Jellyfish Pokémon, which means it’s the perfect time to catch a shiny Tentacool in Pokémon Go.

We’re always impressed when the category matches up with the Pokémon, and they absolutely nailed it. Well, if jellyfish could be malevolent as opposed to weirdly brainless, like Nihilego.

Tentacool and its evolution Tentacruel are interesting Pokémon in Pokémon Go, especially for newer players who are still looking to build a reasonable team for Raids and Go Battle League. It’s a fairly bulky Pokémon, though its attack stats are somewhat lacking, so it will get you through the early game if you’re short on Legendaries, but if you’ve been playing for some time (and your name isn’t John Hanke), you probably won’t be too excited about this Pokémon.

Which is fantastic, because the real draw for this week’s Spotlight Hour isn’t catching Pokémon, it’s transferring them, which is super important after Go Fest Global this past weekend. It’s time to make the most of that double transfer candy bonus reward that runs alongside the event!

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Tentacool 100% perfect IV stats in Pokémon Go

This week’s Spotlight Hour is a great opportunity to catch an Tentacool with perfect IV stats.


'Perfect', of course, means two things in Pokémon Go. First, there’s the maxed out, 100% IV version, which is the 15/15/15 you’re looking for your 4* Pokédex, raids and Master League. Yet, because of how CP is calculated using these three stats, a perfect IV Pokémon is usually only ever the best version of itself in the Master League, raids and Go Rocket battles.

Of course, you can’t see the IV of a Pokémon without catching it first, so it helps to know the CPs that a perfect Tentacool will spawn at.

If you’re at Level 30 (or above), you’ll ideally be looking for the following CPs for a perfect 15/15/15 Tentacool:

  • Level 30 (wild CP maximum) – 892 CP
  • Level 35 (weather-boosted wild CP maximum) – 966 CP
  • The wild CP value aligns with your Trainer Level until you reach Level 30 and, due to the majority of the player base now being above this level, we’ve kept to these values for the sake of simplicity. These values will, however, be different if you’re currently below Level 30.

    Is Tentacruel good in PVP?


    Tentacruel sits in a bit of a weird place in Go Battle League. It’s reasonable in Great League as an anti-meta choice, but it really shines in Ultra League, where a 0/13/15 can hit Level 50 at CP 2500. This means that its above-average bulk makes it an absolute tank (or whatever a standard unit of jelly is. A cup, maybe?).

    In Great League, you want to run Poison Jab, Scald and Acid Spray. This will get you wins against Alolan Ninetails, Azumarill, Froslass and Scrafty. Losses will come from Lanturn, Walrein, Trevenant, Medicham and Noctowl.

    You want a slightly different moveset for Ultra League, swapping Acid Spray for Blizzard. You can look forward to wins against Tapu Fini, Alolan Ninetails, Talonflame, Charizard and Obstagoon (but you’ll also want to go in with their shields down, as you’re running two nukes). Expect losses from Cresselia, Trevenant, Walrein, Giratina and Cobalion.

    As always, Master League is out of the question. Don’t run Tentacruel in Master League.

    The Season of Hidden Gems is drawing to a close. Before it goes try to finish the Fascinating Facets and Sky High special research quests. You can also complete a Routeand fight in the Go Battle League. Be sure to compete in Shadow Raids, use Daily Adventure Incense for the chance of encountering Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos and Galarian Moltres. This incense may also give you encounters with other rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

    Is there a shiny Tentacool in Pokémon Go?

    Yes, there is a shiny Tentacool in Pokémon Go!

    Everything in the Tentacool evolution line is a Water and Poison-type Pokémon. (Image credit: pokemon.com)

    Shiny Tentacool was released in November 2019, as part of the Supereffective Week event.

    What does shiny Tentacool look like?

    Along with the bulk of Gen 1, shiny Tentacool and shiny Tentacruel both suffer from the curse of lazy shinies.

    That may be a little harsh on shiny Tentacool, who swaps light blue for lilac and red for green. Its tentacles also swap from grey to a dirty yellow — so at least it’s noticeably shiny.

    Posts from the thesilphroad
    community on Reddit

    Thanks to Reddit user brizvela for the handy comparison!

    Shiny Tentacruel, meanwhile, swaps blue for dark blue, while conserving the rest of the changes. We know the Gameboy Color was relatively limited in how it could display colours when compared to today’s shinies, but we still would have preferred a little more ambition on some of the Gen 1 shinies!

    Other things to know about Tentacool Spotlight Hour

    Spotlight Hour always brings a bonus for you to exploit, and this week it’s double transfer candy. As always, this runs throughout the hour and affects more than just the Pokémon in the spotlight.

    This is a very important bonus to make the most of, especially for lower-level trainers looking to fill out their Pokédex. The smartest way to maximise do this is to create a Tag in your Pokémon storage just for this purpose.

    We recommend creating one called 'Transfer', where you can place Pokémon you don’t want or need. Instead of transferring them as and when you catch them, hold them back for events like these, when you can bulk transfer them. All that Candy adds up very quickly, and is especially useful when transferring something like a Mewtwo for double candy, or after a huge event like Go Fest Global!

    It’s also good to note that, thanks to Tentacool being a Water/Poison-type, catching a bunch during this Spotlight Hour will add progress to your respective catch bonus medals.

    Spotlight Hour events only last for an hour — 6pm to 7pm (local time). Check back next week to see which September Pokémon takes the first spotlight hour next month!

    Good luck finding a perfect shiny Tentacool!

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