To Sequel or Not to Sequel: Ninja 3

I know this is probably a pointless question as you all want to see Boyka return in Undisputed 4; however, after how awesome Shadow of a Tear was I would be 100% up for another movie with Casey Bowman.

The reason why Undisputed 4 is less likely is sadly due to all of the illegal downloads for Part 3, making it not very profitable.

Everyone claiming “We love Boyka! We’re just not going to pay to watch him in a movie!” are now wondering why it has been so hard to finance the project.

As Scott said to us a few months back about how piracy has affected independent action films:

“It’s completely destroyed it. I realize it’s difficult to support a film if you know there’s a torrent on the internet with let’s say Undisputed 3, but if it doesn’t come out in your country until about three months later then you’re gonna download it and I know that you can’t help that, because how else are you going to get it? The distributors need to sort their end out but also there are just people who download stuff and don’t pay for it and they don’t understand that if they keep doing this, then you’re not going to get these types of films anymore.

You’re only going to get your big comic book movies and big action movies that everyone wants to see but smaller films like Ninja 2 and Undisputed, pretty soon they’re drying up. There are producers that make those types of films that are quaking in their boots because you can’t do it anymore. We’re making no money and it’s a scary thing, to be honest. When I was a kid, that’s when the martial arts straight to video films were at their height in the early 90’s”.

And in more good news, in a couple of years we’re getting Transformers 5, demonstrating that there is indeed no justice in the world. But I digress…

Ninja: Shadow of a Tear was voted action movie of the year by our fans in The Action Elite Awards last year, proving that the character of Casey is (almost) every bit as popular as Yuri Boyka.

The outstanding fight scenes, the old-school ninja movie feel and Scott’s sheer on-screen likeability made the movie a helluva lot of fun.

When I spoke with director Isaac Florentine a few months back, we chatted about the potential for a sequel and both he and Scott would love to, but it’s all a question of financing.

What direction could the character go in? He’s now avenged his wife’s murder but maybe in a third outing he could be hired to do a job, but is betrayed by the people who hired him and he has to break necks and kick ass in order to find answers?

I literally just made that up while typing and it’s the story to a billion other movies but who cares? It doesn’t need a deep plot, just an excuse for Scott Adkins to provide bad guys with sore faces.

Will it happen? Who knows. Unless, we can get a Kickstarter campaign or find some way to get the financing together for it, then it may not happen.

Either way, we’re up for Ninja 3, are you?