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Get the amazing Alienware AW3423DWF from Dell for £710 with a discount code

A DF-favourite, no less.

This is a big one - Alienware's AW3423DWF has long been a Digital Foundry favourite gaming monitor for good reason, with its sublime image quality, gorgeous design and great feature set. It's currently on the receiving end of quite a big discount from Dell at the moment, when using the Alienware Arena ten percent code you can get. Failing that, you can also get the monitor for £749 with a Dell newsletter signup code.

Before jumping further into the details of the AW3423DWF, let me just explain how this Alienware Arena code works. The AW3423DWF is currently part of a wider promo that's running until November 3rd 2023, where if you sign up for an Alienware Arena account and go into the account, you can get a unique ten percent off code for a slew of Alienware monitors, including the AW3423DWF. This drops the price of the monitor down from £789 to £710.10. At the time of writing, there are only 250 codes left, so you may have to be quick.

Failing that though, you can also sign up to the Dell newsletter and get a five percent code, which brings the price of the AW3423DWF down to £750 or so, as the below image shows:

So, what makes the AW3423DWF so special? Well, its Samsung QD-OLED panel provides the benefit of both a bright image and the signature deep blacks and incredible contrast afforded by the combo of a QLED and OLED into one panel type. You also get the benefit of near-instant pixel response times and wide viewing angles, which is handy on an ultrawide like this one. On that note, the 3440x1440 ultrawide resolution that the AW3423DWF has is well supported in modern PC games and works well for productivity tasks too, and games benefit from FreeSync/G-Sync support and the 165Hz refresh rate.

As the -F variant of this monitor, it is a little bit different to the standard AW3423DW we've rated so highly in the past, but the changes it features make virtually no difference in real world testing. For those interested, those changes are a 10Hz lower refresh rate and the fact it doesn't come with a physical G-Sync module. In addition, the AW3423DWF also comes with a notable upgrade with a pair of DP 1.4 ports and one HDMI 2.0, as opposed to it being the other way around on the AW3423DW.

The AW3423DWF also retains Alienware's classic space-age futuristic design, and offers a chassis that's unlike any other gaming monitor. It's usually on the design front where Alienware set themselves apart, and this monitor is no different. You also get a sturdy stand with it, and support for VESA mounting means if you want to chuck it on an arm, then you most certainly can. The OSD is also said to be pretty intuitive with a good range of options, too.

If I had the desk space for the AW3423DWF, I'd be sorely tempted to buy one of these. Whichever discount you take advantage of, be it the Alienware Arena code or the Dell newsletter, getting the AW3423DWF for under £750 is an excellent deal.

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